Apple glasses can compare products before purchasing

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Apple is preparing its own augmented reality glasses, and their functionality is getting more and more clear. Now more details are being revealed thanks to a patent unveiled at Patently Apple.

Apple AR glass

Apple clearly wants that with smart glasses, it is possible to compare the prices of the products we see on the streets. We’ll just have to look at these products with glasses and see the information on the lens, along with the prices and characteristics of each.

Nice design

Opening the mobile phone and searching for the name of each product from the search engine might not be very effective. With Apple glasses we can get price, description, category, ratings, reviews, etc.

It is not yet known where the glasses will get this information, because at the moment it is only a patent, and not a real product.

Amazing view

The problem is that the rumors of Apple smart glasses do not stop, but we have been waiting for them for years and there is no official date, prices or intentions. They are patents, as it is clear that Apple is preparing innovative ideas in this regard and does not want to compete with the same products already on the market.
You can read more about the patent at United States Trademark Office

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