Samsung processors changing by country for the same phone?

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The diversity of Samsung processors by region and country is a fact, not a rumor

This year, Samsung has followed the same strategy as other years with the introduction of the Galaxy S20 and Note 20 devices as in the United States and a few other countries in the world such as South Korea, UK or Germany, phones were sold with the latest Qualcomm processor, Snapdragon 865+ for Samsung Note20 and Snapdragon 865 for Samsung S20 While in the majority of other countries in the world the processor chosen was Exynos 990, the chipset that was integrated into both phones.

Why samsung processors differes by regions and countries ?

The question is why are some countries using Snapdragon and others with Exynos ? Samsung’s strategy is somewhat difficult to understand for many users, but on the other side, we should know that Exynos processors are not poor-performing chipsets, and the company is keen to make its chipset become at some point the most powerful processors in the market, at least when it comes to Android system. This is one of the main reasons the company is committed to launch it phones with its own processors in most markets on the planet. In the US, the decision may be due to its strong competition with the iPhone, because Apple is one of the main manufacturers, and Snapdragon is the closest chip in performance to what Apple has achieved. But in the case of other countries, the company states that each market is analyzed to make the best decision based on the user experience their products provide. We must admit that the performance of the Exynos 990 processor is not bad, it is an excellent processor and it works very well, and I think that in the end this decision may be due to the price, especially in countries where the level of per capita income is low where it is not possible to put a phone at a price of 1200 dollars in many African and Asian countries It will not be very popular due to its high price there, but if your budget allows you to buy a powerful phone that enables you to enjoy all the modern features of high-quality photography, games, editing programs and long battery life, you can choose from the list below this post. We have chosen the best 4 Samsung phones in 2020.

Yahoo surprises us & launches a phone for 49 $

Hey guys! This week, Yahoo surprises everyone and launches a phone for less than 50 dollars ! The American company Yahoo surprised everyone by launching its first smartphone. ZTE Blade A3Y is the new model introduced by the company. The smartphone comes in an attractive and stunning purple color and is equipped with features that can facilitate our digital activities such as playing games, purchasing and messaging via the Internet. The best thing is that the company launched it at an affordable price of $ 49.
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Brad Lee, CEO of ZTE USA said: “Together, we fill the void by providing devices that enable communities and individuals without connection to overcome current restrictions.” Yahoo, the company that once dominated the web search market, has been slowly lagging behind in this area. In 2016, Verizon phone company acquired Yahoo Branding, Email Service, and Advertising Technology. Now, it looks like the company is changing its way
The company faces a new challenge of selling smartphones. Of course, from the hand of her parent company Verizon. And through a unique smartphone dedicated exclusively to Yahoo Mobile, and “available on the Verizon network.”

Specefications of Yahoo new phone

The mobile phone provided by Yahoo is a primary device. So its characteristics are not very surprising. It comes with Android 10 OS, 2.0GHz Quad-core MediaTek processor and 2GB RAM. It also has an internal storage space of 32 GB, and the ability to expand up to 2 TB, of course through a microSD card. On its front side we find a 5.45 inch screen and a 5MP selfie camera. On the back we can see a fingerprint sensor and an 8-megapixel camera. In addition to a 2660 mAh battery, and a USB-C port at the bottom. If you want to purchase this device, you can go to: Yahoo Mobile If you are interested in cheap smartphones you can find your choice below

DigThemes: Free search engine for Windows themes-All versions

Hey guys! In this post we provide you with a nice website for Windows users, so stay close !

Windows themes are one of the best ways to change the look of the system and eliminate boredom, as the site provides you with themes that are already in the system or search for them on websites specialized in publishing themes. If you like to change themes frequently, there is no doubt that you spend a long time searching for them on the Internet and for this we will know In this post

A site similar to a store or a Windows theme search engine.

We change themes like changing clothes every once in a while. Wearing the same shirt for a whole year is considered a boring thing. Also getting used to one look and one theme all the time causes boredom.

What is DigTheme ?

The DigThemes website is like a search engine, but for Windows themes in all its versions, as the site relies on displaying theme results on several sources specialized in templates and themes such as Expothemes, Themepack, Themeraider and other sites specialized in themes.

How do I use DigTheme?

Enter the site from the link below the post and very simply write a word that expresses the topic of the theme you want to use instead of manually searching and then click on enter to show results matching the search word

The site will show you all the results that match the search word from various sources on which it depends. The themes will be in the form of cards with the name of the theme, its official website, and the number of backgrounds in it.

Click on the name of the theme you like and you will go directly to its official website to download it.

PS: Check the version of you OS to have a right setup !

Click here and take  a tour : DigThemes

Samsung regains first place, and Xiaomi beats Apple in global smartphone sales

The latest reports from reputable market analysis firms such as IDC, Counterpoint Research, and Canalys revealed sales numbers for the third quarter of the year.

Through the report, Samsung regained the first place as the manufacturer that sells the most smartphones in the world, but it did so with an impressive number that kept it away from the second and third places, which are now occupied by Huawei and Xiaomi.

Counterpoint reveals that Samsung achieved sales growth between the third quarter of 2019 and 2020 with 1% of the market share, giving it a global share of 22%, while Huawei was left with only 14% after its sales decreased by 4% of the market share compared to The same period of the previous year.

IDC reveals that Samsung has a market share of 22.7%, while Huawei’s market share is 14.7%, Canalys says Samsung holds 23% of the global share, while Huawei owns 14.9%.


It seems that Huawei without Google services faces problems in the West, but Xiaomi is the one who can take advantage of this situation, this brand launched a very advanced phone in 2020 that provides users with all kinds of options for every type of need.

As for you, dear reader, the option is suitable for you. You can buy any of these phones that compete for the first ranks without being afraid of the poor quality of services and features.

The sales number tells you how successful Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and Apple are alike.

So we chose for you a list of the 6 best phones of these famous brands from Amazon to help you making the best deal

New feature in Google Play can compare apps before downloading

Google Play has just released a new test in its app that hosts a very interesting feature that we didn’t expect.

The app store already has a lot of features that make it easy to search for apps, allow you to view your purchase history, and a lot more. From now on, Google Play will also allow you to compare apps.
You might have never thought that this function is necessary in Google Play, but the truth is, it can help some users a lot.

At the moment it is in this nice process of testing and with certain applications only, but everything indicates that the new service will be expanded soon.

According to Android Authority, this functionality only reaches specific users and it is a matter of time before Google activates it globally.

This application comparison is provided under the “Reviews” section in the application page. It contains side scrolling that allows you to compare the functionality of the app with other apps. It’s cool and it cuts distances

Currently, testing is done with video multimedia player apps, which is very useful to see what each one can do without having to look at every tab of every app.
In addition, Google Play takes the opportunity to show you the apps that directly compete with the app you are trying to download, soon you will be able to choose the best android apps among thousands in google play without spending long time checking the best one

The iPad Air 2020 is available since October 2020

The new iPad Air 2020 incorporating the latest A14 Bionic chip is now on the market. Prices start from 781 $

It caused a sensation of enthusiasm during his presentation on September 15. Already available for pre-order, since a few days, the iPad Air version 2020 is now available for sale.

However, it will be necessary to be patient, the few configurations that we have simulated on the Apple site will not be delivered until a period between November 4 and 12.

iPad Air 2020 inherited from the iPad Pro

The Wi-Fi version is marketed at a price of 669 euros (64 GB, $ 980 in 256 GB), the one integrating a 4G connection at $ 945 (64 GB, $ 1143 in 256 GB).

This fourth version of the iPad Air particularly impressed with its design inherited from the iPad Pro and the integration of the latest A14 Bionic chip. We will test it very soon with you, it will be from the best deals that you will enjoy to make it !


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PS5 unveiled: The innovation


Subsequent to seeing it in photographs and recordings for quite a long time, we’ve at last gotten an opportunity to evaluate the PS5 – we’ve had broad time playing with the new DualSense Controller and inherent game Astro’s Playroom, and we can mention to you what you can expect when you buy new PS5.

We proudly class the PS5 among the top 10 devices in 2020, for the first time, to talk about what it means to play games on console – in fact, to make this game unique, because we were only able to try the Astro game room. Nonetheless, it gave us a good idea of how the console will play games.

It’s too early to discuss what the console is really capable of and what it means to navigate the PS5 interface, but we can finally talk about the console itself, its design and, most importantly, our first impressions of the next generation of Sony gaming machines.

Welcome to the future of console gaming – this is our first glimpse of the PS5.

Coming soon !

Unboxing PS5: it’s not what matters outside

The PS5 box is quite discreet. There are no screenshots of next-generation games or cool, cutting-edge visuals, but it does its job by providing key information: for example, it reaffirms that we have 825GB of storage space on the console itself instead of a full 1TB, and the PS5 box talks about 3D Audio technology going into detail.

While the exterior packaging of the Xbox Series X boasts its Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support, the PS5 only hits you with three key digits at the front: 4K / 120 and 8K, followed by the acronym HDR. These details prove that it is a powerful machine game 100%, but otherwise, the spec informations is mostly minimal – You can read in rear side the SSD and the console’s custom processor.

After opening your box, you will get the console, a wireless controller, the base, an HDMI cable that is almost certainly HDMI 2.1 compatible (It’s the same for PS4 Pro) with the power cable, a USB-C-to USB-A cable to charge the DualSense controller and the use manual/guarantee information and we don’t forget Astro’s Playromm pre-installed in all PS5.

PS5 Design: Welcome to the Future of Comfortable Gaming

If the game consoles had weight classes, the PS5 would be in the heavyweight one: We measured it at about 38.8 x 8 x 26 cm although the curved surfaces allow for an accurate measurement. a little difficult – and weighed nearly 10 pounds (4.5 kg)

Because of its size and weight, you will need to lay it on a solid base (included with the console) that can both support the weight of the console and has enough space for the PS5. The disc tray makes the PS5 a little thicker on one side towards the base of the console – although if you buy the PS5 Digital Edition, your console won’t have a disc tray at all and will be uniform on both sides.

The least preferred part of the PS5’s design so far is that the support can be quite difficult to understand at first. Yes, this can go on the bottom or side of the console, but finding exactly where the console is supposed to sit on the base is not clear.

We’re also not very interested in vents on all sides of the console, but the advantage is that the PS5 is a pretty quiet console and remains surprisingly cool.

We haven’t been able to submit it to a rigorous gameplay test yet – we’ll probably need Spider-Man: Miles Morales or the Demon’s Souls remake for that but so far the system has operated silently generated too much heat.


PS5 with it all accessories

It is new PS5 Dual Sense controller the most comfortable ?

The controller is similar to the DualShock 4 provided with the PS4 and is incredibly comfortable to hold for long periods.

Many of us think the DualSense is quite light and balanced, with most of the weight resting on the controller handles. While most controllers have a matte white plastic finish, the bottom of the handles has a slightly rougher texture that makes the controller easier to hold and less likely to slip out of your hands.


© Sony

In the front of the controller, you’ll see the traditional D-pad and shape buttons, now with a clear plastic coating that give the device amazing aesthetic from the future, you will also find the option, sharing, PlayStation and microphone cut buttons.

The front of the DualSense also has the two new concave control sticks with a rubber finish on the outer edges that feel easier to hold, while the touchpad, which has an LED light underneath, it is similar to the one found on the DualShock 4.

In the back, you’ll find the bumpers and triggers, as well as the USB-C port you’ll use to charge the controller.

After spending some game time with him, the bumpers themselves feel a little soft, but the triggers are absolutely fantastic, by an adaptive feedback that allows developers to program the resistance of triggers to simulate actions more precisely, reproducing sensations like pushing the pedal of a car or removing an arc string – it’s a huge step forward for the haptic in The Hardware.

Finally, there’s the 3.5mm audio socket that lets you plug in your own headset, if you decide you don’t want to use the controller’s built-in microphone.

Our first impressions

Finally, our first game sample is incredibly fluid on a 4K TV with HDMI 2.1. Astro’s games room is 100% no God of war, but it’s a fun way to discover the capabilities of the new console while celebrating the legacy of Sony PlayStation.

We are impatiently waiting for the launch date of November 12th as said Sony

MyTechParadise will follow the last news of this fantastic game machine, so stay close and reserve your place and sign up for Newsletter!

Vowel meeting new amazing video tool 2020

The majoriyty of people only knows the famous apps like Skype, Microsoft teamsor Hangout but today I will present you Vowel. It is a new video calling service that can help a lot in the daily life of many people.

Its founders comment that video communication tools currently are not meeting tools. They allow us to see and hear each other, but a meeting is held to work in groups and create associations, not just to talk and see each other.
What Vowel does is record and transcribe the meeting automatically in real time. As we speak, the content appears in a text, as if it were a written conversation, so attendees can participate in the discussion instead of tirelessly taking notes.

Vowel creates a space for collaboration: With a shared workspace on screen, it lets you create an interactive calendar, assign specific follow-ups, and mark important notes during a conversation, all with a timestamp so you know when each has been said something.

When we create business items during a meeting, Vowel automatically links the item to a meeting record that can be shared and searched. In fact, it has an integrated search engine to be able to find any text that was mentioned during the meeting.

Vowel works in the browser, you don’t need to download anything or run tools or plugins. We can start a meeting from Slack or Google Calendar, and then receive meeting summaries via email.

Link: Vowel

Google launches free Flight simulator 2020

You don’t need a gaming PC to take to the skies like Microsoft’s latest Flight Simulator

Thanks to Google Earth, Google’s platform for exploring Earth from space, it has its own flight simulator that you can access for free.
It might not be a complete game like Microsoft’s, but the Google Earth flight simulator is undoubtedly a good alternative to Flight Simulator, as you don’t need a very powerful computer, and you don’t need to purchase the game.

Cover of Microsoft Flight Simulator


Its name explains it well: As Google explains in its help page, Google Earth flight simulator is an online simulator that allows you to explore the world without having to download or install heavy games on your computer.

Of course, it’s completely free software that you can access anytime and anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

For the rest, it is a simulator like any other: you will have to control a plane and fly over the planet, take off and land at the most famous airports in the world, and visit your city from the air.

Before starting to access the Google Earth flight simulator from your device, you should know that to use this program, you must meet a series of requirements.

You have an Android or Mac computer with Google Earth installed.

  • Have a compatible joystick or keyboard and mouse.

That’s it, if you meet the requirements, you can now access the Google Earth flight simulator from your computer and start flying.

How to download free Flight simulator 2020 on Windows or Mac ?

As we mentioned in the requirements section, in order to access the Google Earth flight simulator, you must have a computer with Google Earth installed.

Once you install and open the app, in order to access the flight simulator, you’ll need to use a combination of keys.

Depending on the system you are using, something will be different:

Windows: Ctrl + Alt + a

Mac: ⌘ (CMD) + Option + a

When you start playing it, you will see a welcome window that provides you with, among other things, the possibility to choose whether you prefer to play with the joystick, or if you do so with the keyboard and mouse.

You can start now by visiting official website : GeoFs

What is the iPhone12 new technology LiDAR ?

Since the official presentation of the iPhone12 and all its variants, we have not stopped talking about it.

As with every new device that Apple brings to the market, tech enthusiasts or analysts try to analyze every detail that came with it. Whether you like it or not.

iPhone12: Development for the better

Among the innovations that Apple’s new smartphones bring with regard to previous 5G models, greater screen durability, and design that reverts to more square shapes or laser imaging detection and rangefinder, more commonly known as LiDAR.

For the first time, Apple includes in its phones a 3D laser sensor that magnifies image details, the same thing it already used in iPad Pro 2020.

LiDAR technology at that time came to the iPad Pro 2020 with a focus on the world of augmented reality. Now, with its inclusion in a smartphone for the first time, Apple is striving to implement its full potential in various fields such as video games, interior design or photography, among others.

This technology used in new intelligent cars

Principle of LiDAR technology in iPhone12

In the photography department specifically, this technology will have a bigger impact on the average iPhone 12 Pro user.
LiDAR is a high-precision laser distance measuring system that makes it possible to determine the distance from one object to another.

This will allow the device to know the distance between objects that will be shown in the image. Everything is, of course, at an almost imperceptible speed to a human being.

Its operating system can be summed up in the laser emission leaving the LiDAR to the object being reflected and back to the starting point. Thanks to this path and the technology that makes it work, it calculates the distance and is able to determine where objects are located and the space between them.

We can class iPhone12 among the best deals that you can make it in 2020, other improvements that will appear in the iPhone 12 Pro cameras are clearer night photos, as they do not require light and therefore focus will be much faster, and clearer photos.


Facebook launches a new social network for neighborhood

Facebook launches a new social network to find out about your neighbors’ accounts and communicate with them

Sure, many of you already know NextDoor, the social network that allows neighbors to connect with each other, allowing you to stay informed of current events in the neighborhood. It’s an ever-growing network, and Facebook loves the idea so much that it wants to copy it.

Facebook confirmed this week that it is testing a new feature that encourages users to post and share news on micro-social networks focusing on small geographies. We may create private profiles that we share limited information with neighbors, and Facebook will use location data to provide “more relevant” ads.

Illustrated | sserg_dibrova/iStock, slalomp/iStock, Wikimedia Commons

This feature is called neighborhoods, and at this time it is only being tested in Calgary, Canada.

In this Facebook network, users are encouraged to communicate with neighbors. Once the button is pressed, we will have to confirm the location to match ours and then create a profile that can be seen by those in the vicinity, even if they are not our Facebook friends.

Facebook is taking on NextDoor with a NEW ‘Neighborhoods’ feature!

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Apple glasses can compare products before purchasing

Apple is preparing its own augmented reality glasses, and their functionality is getting more and more clear. Now more details are being revealed thanks to a patent unveiled at Patently Apple.

Apple AR glass

Apple clearly wants that with smart glasses, it is possible to compare the prices of the products we see on the streets. We’ll just have to look at these products with glasses and see the information on the lens, along with the prices and characteristics of each.

Nice design

Opening the mobile phone and searching for the name of each product from the search engine might not be very effective. With Apple glasses we can get price, description, category, ratings, reviews, etc.

It is not yet known where the glasses will get this information, because at the moment it is only a patent, and not a real product.

Amazing view

The problem is that the rumors of Apple smart glasses do not stop, but we have been waiting for them for years and there is no official date, prices or intentions. They are patents, as it is clear that Apple is preparing innovative ideas in this regard and does not want to compete with the same products already on the market.
You can read more about the patent at United States Trademark Office