The best televisions you can buy in November 2020

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The television returns to its position: The center of the living room, watching streaming on Youtube or videos on Netflix The 55-inch diagonal is the most popular, but difficult to navigate with so many models between 467 $ and more than 3500 $ , and it is often the quality of HDR that makes the difference, so in this post we choose the best televisions for November 2020,and you will make the best deal for 2020 providing your living room with new high quality TV

Ultra HD televisions (Oled, Qled, Full Led technology) are now the majority on the market and in our product comparison. Ultra HD 4K content is increasingly accessible via streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, MyCanal, YouTube, etc., but also via Ultra HD Blu-rays.

On the TNT side, three Ultra HD channels should appear in 2024. At the same time, the first 8K Ultra televisions are appearing.

The interest of an 8K panel is still very low due to the lack of native content. Manufacturers use the power of video processors to display a very large image without losing too much precision.

This works especially well with Ultra HD 4K content. Either way, we think 8K definition is only useful on large TVs (75 inches or larger).

Today, Oled type televisions are on the rise. It must be said that they are much more accessible than in 2017 or 2018 when a 55-inch model (140 cm size) was still sold at around $ 2,920. Most of them have perfect image quality, 

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