Covid-19: Smart app by MIT researchers to replace PCR test?

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Doctors, engineers and researchers in all fields are accelerating efforts to combat the Corona virus. Each of its place and its way. But today we publish good news for you, far from the statistics of the injured and dead
Before the start, we wish you health and wellness, and we remind you: Wear your mask and keep a safety distance and do not forget to put the sterile gel

MIT researchers have developed an algorithm based on artificial intelligence principles capable of analyzing the way people cough and detecting patients with the Coronavirus.

What if the painful PCR test was soon replaced by a simple smartphone application?

This is the wish of a team of researchers at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) who have developed an artificial intelligence model capable of detecting Covid-19 by analyzing a patient’s cough.

The university explains on its website that the tool put in place by its researchers is already very effective. This one draws on thousands of audio samples of coughing sounds and spoken words that it compares with how its user coughs or says those words.

The result: 98.5% of those suspected by AI to be positive for the virus were indeed. Above all, out of this already impressive total 100% of asymptomatic people were properly screened.

Signs of Covid19-Cough

Soon in an app?

In its publication, MIT explains that the researchers’ work began before the onset of the epidemic and their focus was on Alzheimer’s disease. However, the various tests carried out by the team have gradually led them to consider this solution for the coronavirus.

From now on, the objective of these researchers would be to integrate their AI into an application or an online tool and then hope for validation from the authorities and in particular from the FDA (Food and Drug Administrations) in the United States.

For more detail find here the full article from MIT News:

Artificial intelligence model detects asymptomatic Covid-19 infections through cellphone-recorded coughs

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