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Hey guys! In this post we provide you with a nice website for Windows users, so stay close !

Windows themes are one of the best ways to change the look of the system and eliminate boredom, as the site provides you with themes that are already in the system or search for them on websites specialized in publishing themes. If you like to change themes frequently, there is no doubt that you spend a long time searching for them on the Internet and for this we will know In this post

A site similar to a store or a Windows theme search engine.

We change themes like changing clothes every once in a while. Wearing the same shirt for a whole year is considered a boring thing. Also getting used to one look and one theme all the time causes boredom.

What is DigTheme ?

The DigThemes website is like a search engine, but for Windows themes in all its versions, as the site relies on displaying theme results on several sources specialized in templates and themes such as Expothemes, Themepack, Themeraider and other sites specialized in themes.

How do I use DigTheme?

Enter the site from the link below the post and very simply write a word that expresses the topic of the theme you want to use instead of manually searching and then click on enter to show results matching the search word

The site will show you all the results that match the search word from various sources on which it depends. The themes will be in the form of cards with the name of the theme, its official website, and the number of backgrounds in it.

Click on the name of the theme you like and you will go directly to its official website to download it.

PS: Check the version of you OS to have a right setup !

Click here and take  a tour : DigThemes

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