How to download video from Instagram, Whatsap, Twitter, TikTok or Facebook ?

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How to download stunny videos from Instagram, Whatsap, Tik Tok or Facebook ? This is a big question of many people who wants to download funny videos or top trend videos from those social media, so in this short post we will show you the way, very easy and very simple !

Audiovisual materials are the most consumed multimedia content that we find on the web. There is YouTube, DailyMotion, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest and many other news and sports websites that also contain audiovisual content in abundance.

With the improvements in internet connectivity and confidence provided by the various platforms, it seems that it is not necessary to download content to our computers.

However, many users are looking for a way to download videos either for educational or professional purpose and despite the presence of dozens of programs and software, below we will provide one that allows you to download videos from your smartphone on any website and application over the Internet.

The application is called “All In One Video Downloader”, and it is an Android application that can download videos from various sources such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube …

Video content is not only found on YouTube, but social networks are full of this material and sometimes it is not easy to download it. For example, with WhatsApp we can find many videos and to have them always deserves a special application. So we can use All In One Video Downloader which has the ability to download videos from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and WhatsApp.

It is easy on the main screen when you launch the application, the icons of the supported applications will be displayed. Therefore, if you have already selected where the video to download is located, you will only have to select the corresponding option in the application. On the next screen, a field will be presented where you have to paste the video link to upload it.

Download link: All in one Download


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