Facebook launches a new social network for neighborhood

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Facebook launches a new social network to find out about your neighbors’ accounts and communicate with them

Sure, many of you already know NextDoor, the social network that allows neighbors to connect with each other, allowing you to stay informed of current events in the neighborhood. It’s an ever-growing network, and Facebook loves the idea so much that it wants to copy it.

Facebook confirmed this week that it is testing a new feature that encourages users to post and share news on micro-social networks focusing on small geographies. We may create private profiles that we share limited information with neighbors, and Facebook will use location data to provide “more relevant” ads.

Illustrated | sserg_dibrova/iStock, slalomp/iStock, Wikimedia Commons

This feature is called neighborhoods, and at this time it is only being tested in Calgary, Canada.

In this Facebook network, users are encouraged to communicate with neighbors. Once the button is pressed, we will have to confirm the location to match ours and then create a profile that can be seen by those in the vicinity, even if they are not our Facebook friends.

Facebook is taking on NextDoor with a NEW ‘Neighborhoods’ feature!

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