Google launches free Flight simulator 2020

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You don’t need a gaming PC to take to the skies like Microsoft’s latest Flight Simulator

Thanks to Google Earth, Google’s platform for exploring Earth from space, it has its own flight simulator that you can access for free.
It might not be a complete game like Microsoft’s, but the Google Earth flight simulator is undoubtedly a good alternative to Flight Simulator, as you don’t need a very powerful computer, and you don’t need to purchase the game.

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Its name explains it well: As Google explains in its help page, Google Earth flight simulator is an online simulator that allows you to explore the world without having to download or install heavy games on your computer.

Of course, it’s completely free software that you can access anytime and anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

For the rest, it is a simulator like any other: you will have to control a plane and fly over the planet, take off and land at the most famous airports in the world, and visit your city from the air.

Before starting to access the Google Earth flight simulator from your device, you should know that to use this program, you must meet a series of requirements.

You have an Android or Mac computer with Google Earth installed.

  • Have a compatible joystick or keyboard and mouse.

That’s it, if you meet the requirements, you can now access the Google Earth flight simulator from your computer and start flying.


How to download free Flight simulator 2020 on Windows or Mac ?

As we mentioned in the requirements section, in order to access the Google Earth flight simulator, you must have a computer with Google Earth installed.

Once you install and open the app, in order to access the flight simulator, you’ll need to use a combination of keys.

Depending on the system you are using, something will be different:

Windows: Ctrl + Alt + a

Mac: ⌘ (CMD) + Option + a

When you start playing it, you will see a welcome window that provides you with, among other things, the possibility to choose whether you prefer to play with the joystick, or if you do so with the keyboard and mouse.

You can start now by visiting official website : GeoFs

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