New feature in Google Play can compare apps before downloading

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Google Play has just released a new test in its app that hosts a very interesting feature that we didn’t expect.

The app store already has a lot of features that make it easy to search for apps, allow you to view your purchase history, and a lot more. From now on, Google Play will also allow you to compare apps.
You might have never thought that this function is necessary in Google Play, but the truth is, it can help some users a lot.

At the moment it is in this nice process of testing and with certain applications only, but everything indicates that the new service will be expanded soon.

According to Android Authority, this functionality only reaches specific users and it is a matter of time before Google activates it globally.

This application comparison is provided under the “Reviews” section in the application page. It contains side scrolling that allows you to compare the functionality of the app with other apps. It’s cool and it cuts distances

Currently, testing is done with video multimedia player apps, which is very useful to see what each one can do without having to look at every tab of every app.
In addition, Google Play takes the opportunity to show you the apps that directly compete with the app you are trying to download, soon you will be able to choose the best android apps among thousands in google play without spending long time checking the best one

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