Unboxing Huawei 8 Nova SE

Huawei Nova 8 SE: The clone of iPhone12 with cheap price!

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Android phone manufacturers were expected to copy the existing iPhone 12 and 12 Pro designs. Flat edges aren’t new, but we’ve never seen them work in Android. Now, Apple is reverting to that design again
It wasn’t long since the first clone of the iPhone 12.

It’s not a Chinese brand that no one knows about, but it is Huawei. Pictures of the Huawei Nova 8 SE have been leaked, with a design that tries to copy the look of the iPhone 12. It’s intriguing, because the company has taken the most distinctive parts of the new design and implemented them into its own phone.

Apple has made a great design with the new iPhones, which are more beautiful than their predecessors. Huawei already has a device with a design based on iPhone 12. It’s not a 100% clone as it isn’t sold as such, but it is the “most similar” smartphone to the iPhone 12 found on Android phones today.

Huwaei Nova 8SE
Huwaei Nova 8SE

It is Huawei Nova 8 SE, and it is a high-end device that comes with interesting features, with a 64 Mega pixels camera, 3800mAh battery with support for a whopping 66W fast charging over a USB Type-C charging port, 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. What distinguishes this device is its flat metal frames and the rear camera. It’s completely different, but no one can deny that the design is based on Apple’s iPhone 12.

Huawei was the first, but it won’t be the last. After Apple has made flat frames fashionable again, Android manufacturers are already designing their smartphones with this design. Huawei will launch it soon, but it won’t be the only one.

The Chinese company knew for a long time that Apple was launching an iPhone 12 with flat frames and went to work to equip the smartphone. The version is legal and you may like it very much, but you cannot deny that Huawei’s intention is to make a mobile phone similar to iPhone 12 but much cheaper.

Certainly we will class this amazing phone among the best electronics products for 2020, Huawei nova 8 SE is unveiled today 5 November

Nova 8 SE in four colors
Nova 8 SE in four colors

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