LG CX55 : Perfect 4K OLED TV for video games PS5, Xbox, PC

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Replacing the LG C9 is far from being a task for all televisions. Indeed, the LG CX55 has the delicate mission of taking over from what was considered the OLED model with the best value for money on the market.LG

How do they improve their televisions when its display technology is barely advancing? This is the whole dilemma for LG, the official supplier of OLED panels to all manufacturers.

Korean firm faces a  common problem in the rest of the market:  The need to launch new products without being able to justify a significant technological progrssion, particularly in the main criterion, image quality.

Let’s hear it, the display level of OLED TVs is excellent for several years. Last year’s LG ranges (C9, B9 and other E9s) passed the lab tests with flying colors, achieving the highest score in several categories. So it seems difficult for a new model, for the CX that we are testing here, to post significantly better results.

Therefore, if they want to justify the arrival of new products and above all their high price, manufacturers must equip their TVs with new features or fine-tune certain details.

© LG – LG CXvery sober

This is precisely the strategy chosen by LG for its CX. Therefore it takes advantage not only of Dolby Vision IQ technology (which adjusts the image according to light conditions) but also of the Filmmaker mode (cinema mode) or even a new version of Web OS and a slightly higher processor powerful.

But above all, what LG highlights is the connectivity of its OLED TV and its extreme compatibility with different video game platforms.

Is that enough to make it the benchmark for models under $ 2,360?

LG CX design: All in sobriety and elegance

Without revolutionizing the genre, the CX characterized by a very sober design which is based on a relatively discreet foot, very close to that of its predecessor.

This foot caused us some scares as it gives the impression of being able to rock. It is not, unless you push it on purpose, the counterweight at the rear is enough to keep the TV upright.

Counterweight at the back prevents the TV from tipping over
LG’s latest OLED is extremely thin, especially in its upper part, and does not exceed 5 cm in its thickest part. These dimensions make it a perfect candidate for a wall hanging. As for the bezels, LG is taking advantage of the possibilities offered by OLED to reduce them to less than 1 cm.

Image quality still impeccable with LG CX

When it came to image quality, the C9 had set the bar very high. Its successor obviously takes the proven recipe of LG OLED screens to display fairly comparable results.

Not surprisingly, therefore, the display quality of this CX is excellent. Almost perfect color temperature, especially in cinema (or Filmmaker) mode, infinite contrast, “OLEDesque” depth of blacks, gray fidelity … LG makes no mistakes.

©01net – The DCI-P3 colorimetric test

The contributions of the new second-generation alpha 9 processor are not obvious. LG estimates the performance gain at 15%, but this is more noticeable in the responsiveness of the interface than in terms of image quality.

In fact, the potential of the processor can be used when it comes to upscaling content, and it definitely is. But then again the results were very good last year and they don’t seem to have improved much this year.

Full HD content is processed very accurately, without adding any artifacts, and without smoothing the image either. So much so that 1080p content could almost be mistaken for a native 4K source.

The CX is one of the rare HDMI 2.1 compatible TVs

One of the novelties of this CX is its Dolby Vision IQ technology which allows the light to be adjusted according to light conditions. Concretely, this is the process that was put in place to allow the OLED to fill its lack of brightness in difficult situations, in broad daylight for example.

This mode works quite well, although by overexposing certain areas of the screen that are too bright, you end up losing color fidelity. Relatively convincing, this mode does not provide the comfort of viewing in the dark. Ideally, we therefore recommend you to watch your OLED TV with all the lights off and the shutters closed.

Web OS 5.0:  A little faster

As usual, this LG TV is powered by the Web OS. In version 5.0, the interface is presented in a slightly more refined form which does not detract from its intuitive side. Above all, Web OS has gained (again) a little in responsiveness and appears to be one of the fastest interfaces around.

While cursor navigation (pointing the remote at the TV) takes a few minutes to learn, it offers unparalleled convenience when it comes to switching from one menu to another quickly.

Finally, the biggest criticism that can be leveled against Web OS is its lack of backward compatibility. Indeed, the Korean manufacturer has taken the bad habit of limiting the latest versions of its operating system to the most recent televisions.

Concretely a C9 from last year, under Web OS 4.5 can still be updated regularly but it will never be able to upgrade to version 5.0 of the interface. The practice is regrettable, especially given the price of OLED televisions.

The CX remote is still not backlit.

A pure gamer

This is one of the major evolutions of this new model, the CX is built for video games. Its predecessor was already particularly good at this with a display delay of only 13 ms and the advantages inherent in OLED technology, simply, the depth of blacks and the absence of afterglow. So how can the new generation present a better record? First of all, it retains this excellent input lag of 13 ms, less than the 16 ms reference, which corresponds to the delay perceptible to the naked eye.

LG – The CX is arguably the best TV for gaming.

Importantly, the LG CX is compatible with two technologies particularly popular with gamers, ALLM and VRR. The first, for Auto Low Latency Mode, makes it possible to deactivate all unnecessary image processing and further reduce the delay in the display.

This option is currently only available on the latest Microsoft consoles (Xbox One S and Xbox One X), but it will also be present on the new generation Xbox Series X as well as on the Sony PS5 or the new Lenovo Legion Y540 gaming PC.

These latest consoles will also integrate VRR technology. Variable Refresh Rate allows for its part to synchronize the refresh rate of the panel with the number of images sent by the console. The next generations of Sony and Microsoft are expected to support VRR up to 120Hz in Ultra HD, which is the maximum capacity of LG’s TV.

Finally, the last point, the CX television is compatible with Nvidia’s G-Sync technology and can in particular be used as a monitor by a PC player. It also has an HDMI 2.1 connection. In any case, given its natural qualities and its penchant for image enhancement technologies when it comes to gaming, LG’s latest addition is one of the best TVs for gaming (PS5, Xbox series and more) – if this is not the best.

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The veridict of the test


  • LG continues to fine-tune its OLED TVs and even lower their price. Sold for a few 589 dollars less than the C9 at its launch, this CX is a rather convincing and particularly neat evolution. Image quality still the strong point of LG’s C Series, but the novelty comes this time from the increased video game capabilities of the display.
  • Its performance was already remarkable without taking into consideration, by adding excellent input lag or even G-Sync compatibility and more generally a ready connection for the next few years, we simply get one of the best televisions. from the market at a really good price. For once, the main competitors of this new representative of the C range are the other models of the brand starting with the B9 which looks like it in many points or the C9 from last year which, if you are not into the game, should represent, with its declining price, a solid alternative at lower cost.
Image quality 5/5
Video processing 5/5
Comfrot use 5/5
Equipment 4.5/5
General appreciation 4.5/5

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