LG Wing 5G test: The weird amazing LG for 2020

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Hey everyone, foldables are all the rage but LG is pushing innovation in a different direction experimentation is part of the company’s DNA, so it’s really no surprise that they’re thinking outside the box they’ve also had previous devices with secondary displays but the LG wing really breaks the molds of modern smartphone design that said does it actually bring something meaningful to the table or does it just look cool. I’m Amir from MyTech Paradise and this is our review of the LG wing.


Wing design 

  • Sure the LG wing is large and wide, it’s bulky and heavy but if you live and breathe video you’ve come to the right place, this phone swivels open to a T-shape and the main screen will become its wings, if you will the swivel action, is super smooth and feels very natural and far from jaunty there are double lockin points to ensure that the display stays open, when it’s open and fits snug, when it’s shut there’s no wobble here and you can even open it with one handthe, lack of solid anchor point can be a disadvantage when gaming in landscape mode especially if you’re swiping around a lot but most of the time it’s not an issue
  • It’s validated for 2000 cycles of use which should cover the phone’s life cycle of around 5 years when open, you can either have the baby screen on the bottom while watching videos so you can chat with friends or google search something but it feels unbalanced because the main screen is heavy, alternatively the small screen can be at the top which feels more natural but you’ll still have to stretch up for it.
  • LG has done an excellent job designing the mechanism which isn’t something we can always say about all experimental phones, it’s still debatable whether it’s actually useful but at the very least it’s done well, of course much of the time you’ll have it snapped shut, so you can use it as a regular phone, it’s a bit heavy at 260 grams and it’s on the larger side as far as its dimensions, go the buttons on the other hand are tiny and incredibly hard to use when the phone is open which can get annoying when you’re adjusting the volume.
Smooth rotation

IP5 Protection and durability 

The frame is made of aluminum and the front and back are made of gorilla glass 5. It has IP54 rated protection so in essence it’s splash proof and has water repellent coating, the phone is also military standard, 810 grams compliant which sounds great on paper, that however doesn’t mean that it’s very rugged or that it should be used in extreme conditions, in fact I sort of shudder to think about what would happen if particles of sand get stuck between the sliding components in a nutshell you’ll seriously have to take care of this phone and you should really apply the plastic screen protectors included in the boxother, than that we have to mention this phone is gorgeous it comes in aurora gray and illusion sky colorings and the matte finish feels silky it doesn’t pick up smudges easily either.

Water proof resistant

Finger print reader 

We are on the topic of fingerprints thanks to the fact that the screen is an OLED, one there’s an under display fingerprint reader that’s speedy and reliable on the front this phone is also gorgeous because the bezels on the top and bottom are minimal and the curved edges make the ones on the sides look practically non-existent, there is also no hole punch or notch marring the display because the selfie camera  is a hidden pop-up camera.  

Finger print security process


The screen of LG Wing is a large 6.8 inch P-OLED which is rarely used by other manufacturers, there are great blacks punchy colors and a 1080p resolution, sadly there’s no HDR10 support here, which would have been nice as this is practically a perfect on-the-go NETFLIX machine, brightness isn’t chart topping and it got a maximum of 586 nits in auto mode which is much lower than samsung’s flagships but more than enough, for good sunlight legibility, color accuracy is good but also not impressive, there was a general bluish tint that got better in natural mode but if you want more punchy colors you will just have to learn to live with it. 

P-OLED Screen


The baby screen, I mean the secondary display is a 3.9 inch G-OLED that also has a 1080p resolution, the aspect ratio is strange and looks squarish in person but really it’s 27 by 31, this is actually important because while you can open pretty much anything on the second screen, the fact that many things aren’t scaling correctly for it, means that they look blurry and soft and this is even despite the higher pixel density of the smaller display still it’s not a deal, breaker contrast, colors and brightness were also not too far off from the main screen, which is nice there were 446 nits of brightness in max auto mode, you won’t find a full set of color modes for the small display so you can’t really calibrate it which is a shame since it’s far from color accurate considering, you’ll be using the main display for most content though it is forgivable. 

G-OLED Screen


Downward facing speaker 

As far as audio is concerned, the phone supports bluetooth 5.1 which is great for external devices, but there is a single bottom firing speaker, it’s a shame for a video watching powerhouse, but it is understandable due to the space constraints it got a below average score on our loudness tests and we weren’t impressed with, the quality mids are good but the voices are muddled at least you can adjust it a little with the Equalizer. 

Speaker of LG Wing

LG Wing Chipset: Snapdragon 765 

So, an expensive flashy phone must mean an expensive flagship chipset right well, you’d think that but no, the phone sports a snapdragon 765g with a 5G modem built in it’s not a top of the line flagship which is annoying considering the price of the phone but in terms of real world usage it’s actually a very clever move not only is it more cost efficient but it’s also more space efficient and energy efficient than a snapdragon 865.

Good chipset for gaming

4000mAH battery and endurance 

The LG Wing has a 4000 milliamp hour battery and we assume that this isn’t all that much for a phone with two screens and it got 87 hours of endurance, on our battery life tests this is decent but you should know that this was without the second screen swiveled out so in practice it might be even less. 

4000mAH capacity

LG Wing charging 

Charging isn’t that speedy either with the quick charge 4.0 plus charger we got 39 in half an hour and a full charge in an hour and 40 minutes.

Better charging than other LG phones

Android 10 and LG UX

The phone sports android 10 with a custom LG UX skin on top like you’ll find on the LG V60 or the Velvet, when closed much of the software is similar to those phones, the design of the UI elements is an odd mixture of retro and new elements which is not an eyesore but is strange, open the phone up and it’s a whole otherworld, the main display switches to a special interface LG called Swivel Home that looks a little like the menus on old  portable DVD players, the animations are slow and in general it looks retro and I don’t mean that in a good way, the second display looks more standard but if you look carefully you’ll notice that the only shortcuts for it, are apps that are known to work on it, for sure if you want to open up anything else on the smaller screen you’ll have to go into settings and whitelist, it it takes a while to get used to typing on the smaller display but eventually you can get used to it so  you can fulfill the phone’s destiny of extreme multitasking, you should also note that due to how android works if you’re watching a video on the main screen and chatting on the smaller display, the chat might not be updated if you’re not actively interacting with it, there is a virtual track pad that spawns a mouse pointer on the screen and there is also extra camera controls that will allow you to take advantage of a wide host of options. Actually, while we’re on the topic, the phone has a triple camera setup with a 64 megapixel main sensor with OIS  a 13 megapixel ultrawide and a second 12 megapixel ultrawide. 

Android 10 & UX

Triple camera set-up 

LG is calling this last camera, the ultrawide gimbal motion camera and it does exactly what the name  implies it, shoots video footage with some pretty impressive gimbal capture modes, the camera itself is rotated sideways which is why it shoots horizontal video when you’re holding the phone vertically. LG has long had a focus on their videography much more so than other brands you can shoot videos in 4K with the main camera and the 13 megapixel ultrawide if you wish, and there’s the option of EIS for both of these cameras, with the main camera 4K footage is nothing short of flagship, worthy details, colors and sharpness are great though you can see a bit of noise if you pixel peep, the dynamic range isn’t class leading but it holds its ground. 

Triple camera use

Video samples

If you zoom in the video is surprisingly good sharpness doesn’t take a big hit and overall these videos are perfectly usable if you use the ultrawide snapper footage has plenty of detail natural colors that look similar to those from the main camera and very sharp corners which isn’t something that we see on a lot of ultra wides now if you want to take advantage of the wing special gimbal mode you’ll have to flip out the second screen then you can use the joystick control to actually pan around much like on a real gimbal and there are a couple of ways you can use this system.

Gimbal mode

There’s a follow mode that corrects for vertical motion and allows you to track an object which is going up and down but have it centered in the frame, there’s also a pan follow which is the same thing but with horizontal motion, finally there’s a first-person view mode which is intended for when you’re moving and want to correct all the tilts and out-of-frame instances that come with it, LG has included so many options that it’s a little overwhelming going through everything, so video lovers will have a fun time experimenting with this one, of course the phone is also very capable when it comes to stills, photos captured with the main camera are outputted at 16 megapixels by default, during the day photos look very pleasant, they’re flagship grade and have excellent levels of resolved detail and sharpness.

Gimbal mode for video recording

Camera samples

The dynamic range is wide, especially with the help of auto HDR and there are good colors though they’re not exactly what we would call vibrant, if you want to capture two time-zoomed images you should know that since there is no dedicated telephoto they’re cropped from the main camera and then upscaled back to 16 megapixels, still they look fairly sharp clean and had less noise than we expected, if you want ultrawide photos you’ll be using the regular 13 megapixel ultrawide snapper photos were okay in quality, details are soft when you zoom in just like on the LG Velvet but the colors are nice and punchy like those from the primary camera, of course the dynamic range was no match Between the two but that’s often the case with ultrawides, if you’re into taking portraits then you’ll have a wide range of modes and effects that you can experiment with the subject separation, is not perfect but it’s still impressive and the quality of the effects are top-notch so we were really pleased with the entire experience when the light got low, the main camera continued outputting excellent snaps, details are plenty, the HDR worked well, noise was low and there were some noticeable traces of sharpening in the  frame. 

Portrait mode (Main camera-16MP)

Low light samples

The camera app often triggered night mode and determined a good exposure time. For best results night mode, shots appear to be a bit sharper but only if you’re into pixel peeping other than that they look identical to the photos produced in the regular mode. The ultrawide suffers the most in darker conditions but the dynamic range and exposure are quite good, for an ultroid camera night mode again doesn’t add much to the quality of photos, some details appeared a bit sharper but that’s about it, the normal photos are already quite good 

Front camera

As a whole, the mechanical parts of this phone are really well executed and the motorized pop-up selfie camera is no different selfie shots were flagship grade with detail plenty pleasing colors and very respectable dynamic range, there’s no autofocus but the focus plane is deep and you’ll have sharp shots in most cases you can also shoot 4K videos with the front camera and if you plan on walking around and vlogging you’ll definitely want to take advantage of the stabilization, it cuts away a good chunk of the frame but the smoothness of the footage is worth it. 

16MP, main cam 2x digital zoom
16 MP, main cam (2x digital zoom)

Front camera video samples

There is also a dual recording mode. This allows you to use the front snapper and the back ultrawide gimbal camera simultaneously, you can choose between different compositions like side by side or a small floating window, we’ve seen this feature before on other phones but it’s nice to see here especially since the phone is a powerhouse for videography. 

Short Technical sheet
LG Wing 5G

The veridict of the test-LG Wing 5G

Despite how experimental, the LG wing is it has a surprisingly polished user experience, yeah the baby screen is far from perfect and there are some definite challenges to be had but for a first-gen device and a brand new idea this is really well done and it’s surprisingly usable

  • There are also some really good innovations in the camera department that we’d love to see on other phones
  • Now should you buy it, well ! first it’s a little bit difficult to find and second it’s a lofty 1000 bucks (If you look for a cheap performant smart phone: Huawei Nova 8 SE: The clone of iPhone12 with cheap price ),for that sort of money you can get some really good flagships that have some very very good support
  • That said this is not your regular smartphone it’s a conversation starter and it’s for those that want to risk their money on the experimental side of tech, if you’re the sort of person that wants an experience that pretty much nobody else has and you really really value that then maybe you should consider this for the rest of us, though there are too many good options out there for us to take this risk so we’re gonna hold off and see where LG goes with this before we take the plunge, if you like this phone you can buy it in the link below  
Performances 3/5
Battery 4/5
Display 3.5/5
Camera 3.5/5
Appreciation 3.5/5

Final Score

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