OnePlus 8T : Amazing screen & long battery life

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Hey what’s up guys, will here for MyTech Paradise, this is the OnePlus 8T and it’s the company’s latest effort to produce a premium yet flagship killing device it isn’ that cheap but it does pack a bunch of features you wouldn’t find in a typical mid-ranger, let’s see what it’s all about in our full review, during this review we will see one of the best and cheapest smartphone in 2020 !

Design and build of the OnePlus 8T

  • The OnePlus 8T is a premium mid-range device with flagship level specs and it has a gorgeous looking design, ours is in the glossy and mesmerizing aquamarine green, the phone’s curved back is made from gorilla glass 5 and the matte aluminium frame offers a comfortable grip, gorilla glass 5 also covers the front display. One difference you’ll notice from the OnePlus 8 and other models is that the screen is flat not curved, here which some people might prefer, but besides that it mostly looks and feels the same including OnePlus signature hardware slider for controlling notification alerts, unlike the OnePlus 8 Pro the 8T doesn’t have official waterproofing unless you buy a T-mobile exclusive model which is IP68 rated, otherwise you’ll make do with some built-in splash proofing.


OnePlus 8T Design and build

Amazing 6.55’’ Fluid AMOLED screen, 120Hz refresh rate 

  • The OnePlus 8T’s display is a 6.55 inch AMOLED with a 1080p resolution and like the 8 Pro you get a super fast 120 Hz refresh rate and  40 Hz touch sampling rate, as a result moving elements on screen like when you’re swiping or scrolling appear even smoother than what you’d get on a 60 or 90h Hz panel and this screen is more responsive too, this display does have its quirks though to save power the display will normally dial back to 60 Hz after you stop touching it which you can see here, but if brightness is below 50 or you have a dark mode on it will maintain a steady 12Hertz and just note that some apps like YouTube, Google maps or full screen video playback will always run at 60 Hertz and despite the high refresh rate display the OnePlus 8T enables high refresh rate gaming in only two titles, PUBG and Fortnite, other games even ones that can support higher frame rates are capped at 60 fps otherwise this OLED display is good colours can be very accurate if you tweak them in settings max brightness is good too up to 500 nits with a manual slider and over 800 nits in auto mode when in bright conditions overall a decent showing
6.55’’ Fluid AMOLED screen, 120Hz refresh rate

Stereo speakers, no headphone jack 

  • For OnePlus 8T audio performance, you get a set of stereo speakers with a bottom firing unit and the earpiece acting as the second one ,there’s no 3.5 millimeter jack here audio quality from the speakers is pretty nice the at scored a very good mark in our loudness test and music has well presented mids and highs as well as a bit of bass.
Stereo speakers, no headphone jack OnePlus 8T

Under-display fingerprint reader 

  • Waking up and unlocking the phone is done with an under display optical fingerprint reader, it’s super fast and responsive to your touch.
Under-display fingerprint reader OnePlus 8T

Storage options 

  • Like other OnePluses, the 128 or 256 gigs of onboard storage aren’t expandable but at least it’s of the new faster UFS 3.1 variety.
Storage options OnePlus 8T

Android 11 and Oxygen OS 11 

  • Now onto the interface which is quite a bit different from what we’ve seen before, it’s OnePlus new Oxygen OS 11 based on Android 11 which we haven’t even seen yet outside of the pixel phones.
  • Android 11 brings plenty of new features but even with those aside you can see that OnePlus is going for something different from stock Android here, it’s weird because that’s something always been celebrated about their phones. The interface looks and feels more like Samsung’s one UI than stock Android, actually a lot of the UI elements have been shifted toward the bottom half of the display. To be easier to reach, meanwhile the space at the top of the screen is used for large headings or titles.
  • This same design language is used across several of OnePlus first party apps, but there are still plenty of Google apps here too like phone and messages. OnePlus 8T has also slightly altered how dark mode works here, you can set it to beyond permanently or to come on according to a schedule and another new feature is that you get, an actual always on display here, previous OnePlus phones had one that was sometimes on you can put this on a schedule as well and there are a bunch of customizations including some artistic ones.
OnePlus 8T Android 11 and OxygenOS 11

Snapdragon 865 performance 

  • The OnePlus 8T is equipped with a snapdragon 865 chipset just like you’d find on the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro it’s not the latest and greatest hardware anymore but still flagship worthy performance is excellent across the board, thanks to not only the powerful chipset but the fast storage and memory too, not only do the interface and everyday tasks run buttery smooth but the heaviest game titles do too.
    Camera specs

Strong battery and 65W WARP charger 

  • Battery life is pretty great as well the OnePlus 8T has a 4500 milliamp hours battery and with it was able to score an excellent 104 hours endurance rating in our proprietary tests. One way in which the OnePlus 8T pushes things to the next level is with its warp charge technology, it comes with a huge 65 watt adapter. With it we were able to charge the OnePlus 8T from zero to an incredible 94% in half an hour.
Battery (4500mAh) and 65W WARP charger

Camera specs of the OnePlus 8T

  • The OnePlus 8T‘s camera setup consists of a 48 megapixels main camera with OIS, a 16 megapixels ultra wide angle cam with an extra wide field of viewa 5 megapixels macro cam and a monochrome sensoryou don’t get a telephoto like you do on the OnePlus 8 Pro 


Daylight photos image quality 

  • The main camera saves 12 megapixels photos by default and these are pretty good. With excellent contrast, punchy saturated colours and wide dynamic range there is enough detail, though complex details could be better like in foliage for example, sharpness isn’t ideal either with a hint of visible softness.
    Main camera OnePlus 8T
  • 48 megapixel photos taken from the main camera look much the same except they have a larger file size, even though there’s no telephoto cam, the OnePlus 8T can achieve two times lossless digital zoom, it does this by cropping the 12 megapixel centre of a 48 megapixel photo and the results are really nice. You get superb contrast and wide dynamic range and the same level of sharpness as the regular unzoomed photos.
48 Mpx main camera
  • Portrait shots from the main camera: Turn out quite pleasant with more than enough detail and proficient subject separation, the colours aren’t very realistic though, there is an option to take a two time zoomed portrait, these are softer and often noisier. 


  • 16 megapixel ultrawide photos are softer than the ones coming from the main camera and the noise levels are a bit higher, we do like them though, detail is okay and these photos fit a lot in the frame, even more than the OnePlus 8, plus they have great contrast and dynamic range and the distortion correction does a really nice job.
Ultra Wide 16 Mpx OnePlus 8T
  • Close-up shots from the macro camera come out in 5 megapixels and these are ok, you get a good enough detail but a lot of times the colours are off or even washed out, plus since this camera has fixed focus it’s tricky to take a sharp photo. 
Macro Camera OnePlus 8T

Low light photos image quality 

  • Low light shots from the main camera are very likable, they are almost always multi-stacked and their capture takes a couple of seconds, some fine detail is mired and the sharpness isn’t great but the exposure and the contrast are good and the colours are saturated even a bit overboard at times.
Low light photos image quality
  • Snapping  photo in nightscape mode also takes a couple of seconds and the result is not that aggressive it, acts more like HDR restoring some blown highlights, brightening the skies and revealing more detail in the shadows.
Low light photos image quality
  • Night-time photos from the ultra wide camera are multi-stacked as well and the aggressive noise reduction smears a lot of the fine detail these images are soft and sometimes blurry at least they have good contrast and well preserved colours nightscape mode works on the ultrawide camera and these photos are noticeably brighter with better exposure even punchier colours and sometimes a bit more detail. 
Ultra Wide 16 Mpx by night OnePlus 8T

Selfie camera 

  • Sophie’s are taken with the 16 megapixels front facing cam and these are very good the detail level, isn’t excellent but it’s good enough and you get great contrast, good dynamic range and mostly true to life colours.
Selfie camera OnePlus 8T

Video quality 

  • Now on to video recording 4K video from the main cam isn’t great the detail level is average and so is the dynamic range, you don’t get much detail in shadows, the colours don’t look particularly realistic either, but contrast is good the ultrawide camera’s 4K footage also has average detail as well as lower dynamic range than the video from the main camera, colours are again unrealistic here ,electronic stabilization is always on and it does a decent job of smoothing things out.
Screenshot 40@30fps, main camera
  • Finally the OnePlus 8T adds a new video portrait feature in 1080p resolution, it uses the main camera and creates decent looking blurred background behind your subject.
Screenshot 40@30fps, main camera

Short Technical sheet
OnePlus 8T

The verdict: OnePlus 8T 

  • So, that’s the OnePlus 8T, you get a gorgeous looking glass design a super high refresh rate AMOLED display, nice stereo speakers, flagship grade performance, a versatile camera setup and a sleek user interface, not to mention the excellent battery life and lightning fast charging all in all it’s pretty great 
  • There are just a couple of nit picks here and there like the lack of support for high refresh rate gaming and some shortcomings when it comes to camera processing, we would have loved to have seen the camera from the OnePlus 8 pro here but when comparing to just a regular OnePlus 8, the at is very similar but the upgrades here are definitely noticeable and it costs less than the OnePlus 8 did when it launched. For offering so many great features at this cheap price the OnePlus 8T deserves a recommendation.
Performance 4/5
Battery 4.5/5
Display 5/5
Camera 4/5
Appreciation 3.5/5

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