PS5 DualSense

The PS5 controller can be used on PC, Android and with a Switch

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The PS5 controller can be used on PC, Android … and with a Switch

Good news, you will be able to enjoy DualSense on many devices … including the Nintendo console.

Use the PlayStation 5’s DualSense with its Japanese compatriot, the Nintendo Switch? Possible.

The association of the next Sony controller with the Big N console has been just tested and approved by a current user of the console via a small video posted on Twitter.

Stronger, according to a video posted by a second user of the social network, the Switch recognizes the DualSense  as a Switch Pro controller and even allows buttons to be reassigned in games.

However, it seems that the return force, manipulating the touch part as well as the support for haptic and progressive triggers remain the prerogative of the Sony platform.

Impossible to be able to configure them with precision on the Nintendo console. Or elsewhere.

Sony DualSense and Xbox Controller: Joystick to control all of them

Since the first official unboxing of the future Sony console, several videos posted on the Web show the capabilities of its controller to be connected to something other than the console. The same goes for the Xbox controller that will be delivered with the S and X Series: its use on PC and smartphone is possible. Use it on Switch? We will test!

The Sony DualSense can be associated with a PC running Windows 10 and be fully recognized by the computer, without the need to install any third party program.

It is the same with Android smartphones. There are plenty of short videos showing how easy it is to get the PlayStation 5 controller to communicate with a Samsung, Sony, etc. device. It’s even supported worry-free by xCloud, Microsoft’s cloud-based gaming service, whether played from a PC or smartphone.

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PS5 controller
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(The new PS5 is available since November 12, 2020)

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