PS5 unveiled: The innovation

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Subsequent to seeing it in photographs and recordings for quite a long time, we’ve at last gotten an opportunity to evaluate the PS5 – we’ve had broad time playing with the new DualSense Controller and inherent game Astro’s Playroom, and we can mention to you what you can expect when you buy new PS5.

We proudly class the PS5 among the top 10 devices in 2020, for the first time, to talk about what it means to play games on console – in fact, to make this game unique, because we were only able to try the Astro game room. Nonetheless, it gave us a good idea of how the console will play games.

It’s too early to discuss what the console is really capable of and what it means to navigate the PS5 interface, but we can finally talk about the console itself, its design and, most importantly, our first impressions of the next generation of Sony gaming machines.

Welcome to the future of console gaming – this is our first glimpse of the PS5.

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Unboxing PS5: it’s not what matters outside

The PS5 box is quite discreet. There are no screenshots of next-generation games or cool, cutting-edge visuals, but it does its job by providing key information: for example, it reaffirms that we have 825GB of storage space on the console itself instead of a full 1TB, and the PS5 box talks about 3D Audio technology going into detail.

While the exterior packaging of the Xbox Series X boasts its Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support, the PS5 only hits you with three key digits at the front: 4K / 120 and 8K, followed by the acronym HDR. These details prove that it is a powerful machine game 100%, but otherwise, the spec informations is mostly minimal – You can read in rear side the SSD and the console’s custom processor.

After opening your box, you will get the console, a wireless controller, the base, an HDMI cable that is almost certainly HDMI 2.1 compatible (It’s the same for PS4 Pro) with the power cable, a USB-C-to USB-A cable to charge the DualSense controller and the use manual/guarantee information and we don’t forget Astro’s Playromm pre-installed in all PS5.

PS5 Design: Welcome to the Future of Comfortable Gaming

If the game consoles had weight classes, the PS5 would be in the heavyweight one: We measured it at about 38.8 x 8 x 26 cm although the curved surfaces allow for an accurate measurement. a little difficult – and weighed nearly 10 pounds (4.5 kg)

Because of its size and weight, you will need to lay it on a solid base (included with the console) that can both support the weight of the console and has enough space for the PS5. The disc tray makes the PS5 a little thicker on one side towards the base of the console – although if you buy the PS5 Digital Edition, your console won’t have a disc tray at all and will be uniform on both sides.

The least preferred part of the PS5’s design so far is that the support can be quite difficult to understand at first. Yes, this can go on the bottom or side of the console, but finding exactly where the console is supposed to sit on the base is not clear.

We’re also not very interested in vents on all sides of the console, but the advantage is that the PS5 is a pretty quiet console and remains surprisingly cool.

We haven’t been able to submit it to a rigorous gameplay test yet – we’ll probably need Spider-Man: Miles Morales or the Demon’s Souls remake for that but so far the system has operated silently generated too much heat.


PS5 with it all accessories

It is new PS5 Dual Sense controller the most comfortable ?

The controller is similar to the DualShock 4 provided with the PS4 and is incredibly comfortable to hold for long periods.

Many of us think the DualSense is quite light and balanced, with most of the weight resting on the controller handles. While most controllers have a matte white plastic finish, the bottom of the handles has a slightly rougher texture that makes the controller easier to hold and less likely to slip out of your hands.


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In the front of the controller, you’ll see the traditional D-pad and shape buttons, now with a clear plastic coating that give the device amazing aesthetic from the future, you will also find the option, sharing, PlayStation and microphone cut buttons.

The front of the DualSense also has the two new concave control sticks with a rubber finish on the outer edges that feel easier to hold, while the touchpad, which has an LED light underneath, it is similar to the one found on the DualShock 4.

In the back, you’ll find the bumpers and triggers, as well as the USB-C port you’ll use to charge the controller.

After spending some game time with him, the bumpers themselves feel a little soft, but the triggers are absolutely fantastic, by an adaptive feedback that allows developers to program the resistance of triggers to simulate actions more precisely, reproducing sensations like pushing the pedal of a car or removing an arc string – it’s a huge step forward for the haptic in The Hardware.

Finally, there’s the 3.5mm audio socket that lets you plug in your own headset, if you decide you don’t want to use the controller’s built-in microphone.

Our first impressions

Finally, our first game sample is incredibly fluid on a 4K TV with HDMI 2.1. Astro’s games room is 100% no God of war, but it’s a fun way to discover the capabilities of the new console while celebrating the legacy of Sony PlayStation.

We are impatiently waiting for the launch date of November 12th as said Sony

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