What are the best built-in oven to choose? December 2020

Best buil-in ovens

While consumers sometimes choose to equip themselves with a freestanding oven or a microwave, it is often the built-in oven that takes its place in equipped kitchens and serves as the main cooking appliance. Which one to choose ?

Stainless steel, black, white, the built-in oven allows this appliance to blend aesthetically into the fitted kitchen, whatever the color. The built-in oven does not equip too much American houses, but seduces more and more. According Statista, cooking and oven market revenue will globally grow by $ 4.8 billion in 2021

But choosing an oven is not easy, especially as prices range from 150 € for entry-level models without fan (or pulsed) heat to more than 2,000 € for a multifunction appliance, class energy A + or even more efficient, capable of injecting steam, equipped with an electronic programmer, touch screen …

Good oven for your kitchen in necessary nowdays

Several trends emerge. Mechanical controls are rare and give way to electronic adjustments, more precise and less breakdown

To further help the user, cooking assistants (or even recipe guides) are fitted to certain models. A multifunction built-in oven releases steam during cooking for tasty results. Finally, some models are now connected by internet, smart ovens

The mittens also gain in capacity and a product with a volume of less than 65 liters is rare. Nowadays, we easily exceed 70 liters. The good thing is that manufacturers try to produce energy efficient devices that fall into the lowest possible energy class, A ++

As we can see, the choice of a built-in oven is not done lightly. Natural convection or hot air? Pyrolysis or catalysis? Mechanical or electronic controls? Dials or touch screen? Our comparator will help you avoid … an oven.


It is our expertise and the ability to manipulate many products to compare them that allow us to assess their convenience.

The modes, functions and options available also occupy an important place in this part. Regarding noise, it is measured using a sound level meter, all fans running, during the preheating phase (the noisiest phase).

Consumption is measured during preheating, then for 45 minutes at 200 ° C in ventilated heat; measurements are also carried out in static heat and for economy mode

It is on the heat that we carry out the most measurements. Using probes, we measure the heat in the cavity to verify that it corresponds to the heat requested and that it is stable.

This must also be homogeneous. In our “test drip pan” the temperature in the center, sides, front and back must be the same. Finally, we measure the speed of the preheating, without and with Boost mode when it is present.

To help you choosing the right oven we provide you with diffrent built-in oven from low to high price.