Vowel meeting new amazing video tool 2020

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The majoriyty of people only knows the famous apps like Skype, Microsoft teamsor Hangout but today I will present you Vowel. It is a new video calling service that can help a lot in the daily life of many people.

Its founders comment that video communication tools currently are not meeting tools. They allow us to see and hear each other, but a meeting is held to work in groups and create associations, not just to talk and see each other.
What Vowel does is record and transcribe the meeting automatically in real time. As we speak, the content appears in a text, as if it were a written conversation, so attendees can participate in the discussion instead of tirelessly taking notes.

Vowel creates a space for collaboration: With a shared workspace on screen, it lets you create an interactive calendar, assign specific follow-ups, and mark important notes during a conversation, all with a timestamp so you know when each has been said something.

When we create business items during a meeting, Vowel automatically links the item to a meeting record that can be shared and searched. In fact, it has an integrated search engine to be able to find any text that was mentioned during the meeting.

Vowel works in the browser, you don’t need to download anything or run tools or plugins. We can start a meeting from Slack or Google Calendar, and then receive meeting summaries via email.

Link: Vowel

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