Xiaomi Mi 11: The best for beginning 2021

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Hey what’s up guys will here for MyTech Paradise Xiaomi’s Mi 11 is their first premium phone to come out this year and it looks like it can give Samsung’s flagships a run for their moneyLet’s go over some of his key features. 

Design and build quality 

This is the Xiaomi Mi 11 a high-end flagship which has already been out in China for a while but now the phone is set to be released globally. The Mi 11 comes in two variants a Gorilla glass one like ours and one with a faux leather sort of plastic back instead neither one offers any waterproofing. 

Build & design of Xiaomi Mi11

6.81’’ QHD AMOLED screen with 120Hz refresh rate 

I am not sure about the leather but do like the feel of this glass with this frosted horizon blue finish it tapers into the aluminum frame and the whole device feels quite thin and easy to grip you’ll notice that the display is curved at the edges it’s actually a much sharper curve than what you’d see on the galaxy s21 ultra the picture quality here is stellar the screen is a 6.81 inch OLED protected by sturdy Gorilla Glass Victus with a QHD resolution and just like the S21 ultrathe Mi 11 brings this resolution together with a high 120 hertz refresh rate everything looks super sharp and fluid when swiping around and it’s adaptive if you stop touching the screen the refresh rate will go down in order to save energy.

AMOLED of Xiaomi Mi11

Stereo speakers tuned by Harman Kardon 

For audio you have a pair of Harman Kardon tuned stereo speakers there is no headphone jack though so for that you’ll need to use a dongle or connect wirelessly 

AMOLED of Xiaomi Mi11

Storage options 

You get 128 or 256 gigs of storage on the me 11 and 8 gigs of ram the Chinese market also has the option for 12 gigs of RAM but no matter where you get the phone storage isn’t expandable.

Storage of Xiaomi Mi11

Battery: 55W charging 

The Mi 11 has a sizeable 4600 milliamp hour battery so battery life should be pretty good unlike with Samsung’s flagships you do get a charger in the box sometimes they just don’t send you one by default you’d have to opt for that when you buy the phone the 55 watt fast charger is supposed to get you from a dead battery to full in just 45 minutes there’s also support for fast 50 watt wireless charging and reverse wireless charging too.

Recharge/Battery of Xiaomi Mi11

Strong Snapdragon 888 chipset 

The Mi 11 is the first phone we’ve seen with the new Snapdragon 888 chipset which offers 5g connectivity and great performance based on some recent comparisons the chip’s performance should be quite similar to the Exynos 2100 you might find in some Galaxy S21 phones that is to say it’s pretty awesome but not leaps and bounds ahead of last year’s top chipset.

Chipset of Xiaomi Mi11

Android 10 and MIUI 12 

The interface of the mi 11 is based on android 11 but it’s still the MIUI 12 that was available on android 10. it brings all the functionality we’ve seen on recent Xiaomi phones plus the tweaks and refinements you get with the newest version of android you do still get classic Xiaomi features here such as an IR blaster which lets you use the phone as a remote control.

OS of Xiaomi Mi11

Optical under-display fingerprint reader 

You can wake up and unlock the phone with an under display optical fingerprint reader which works pretty well the fingerprint scanner is also supposed to be able to read your heart rate but the feature isn’t available right now it’s supposed to come with a future update0.

Finger print of Xiaomi Mi11

Camera specs and first look 

Now let’s go over the cameras the Mi 11 has three on the back 108 megapixel main camera a 13 megapixel ultra wide cam and a 5 megapixel macro camera there’s also a 20 megapixel selfie cam on the front housed in a punch hole cut-out. 

Cameras of Xiaomi Mi11

Short Technical sheet
Xiaomi Mi 11

The verdict: Xiaomi Mi 11 

  • This camera setup seems pretty much identical to the one on last year’s Mi 10 T Pro except for a slightly narrower aperture on the Mi 11’s main cam overall it’s pretty versatile although we are missing a telephoto cam for zooming also Xiaomi is promoting the Mi 11’s capabilities for shooting video on top of having support for 8K recording there are several ai modes and effects for your videos and a video night mode too we’ll test these out unless you know all about it in our full review so there you have it guys the Mi 11 looks like a competitive high-end device that is in many ways quite similar to Samsung’s flagships but you do get faster charging here Xiaomi interface and some unique options for video recording and the Mi11s msrp starts at around 699 dollars which is really nice, thanks for reading and i’ll post soon with our full review.

Performance 3.5/5
Battery 5/5
Display 3/5
Camera 4/5
Design 3.5/5

Final Score

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